Monday, 10 March 2014

Fabric snack

Today's snack break involved nothing but fabric. I have been occupied with looking for a studio space and rearranging my schedule to accomodate some changes ahead. First of all I need a place to work when the house is being demolished, and second, the change of someone's work schedule required some creative time management. I  have officially finished digging my heels in, and am embracing the new possibilities which open up.

The sun has been out for a while today, adding extra light to my pastel-ish WIP. The design has been archived for years, and I needed something fun to sew, so a new Easter pattern is in the making.
One of the many great things about being a quilter is the endless ways we can colour ourselves happy, and right now I needed light.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the colors... very Eastery. I'm on St. Patrick's day yet. I've got the 9 grandkiddies, and all 9 are Irish (as well as their parent that is my child) because of me, well, really because of my Dad, but he has passed many years ago. Every year I send out a sticker or pin or some green that they can wear so they don't get pinched. This year it's washable tattoos! (I'm going for a "cool" idea.)

  2. I'm with you on needing the light, especially in the Northern Hemisphere.good luck finding studio space.

  3. It's a unique and beautiful color combination. Best wishes with all the changes in your life!

  4. Love those colors together! That green/yellow? is esp. intriguing to me lately.:) Good luck with your studio space!

  5. Oh the dreaded house demolition. How long is all this supposed to take? Good luck with the new studio space and all the changes coming for you. Yes we quilters do know how to color ourselves, and others, happy.