Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The lucky day

Our guild, Rogaland Quiltelag, meets once a month. A part of our meetings, as of so many other guilds, is the raffle that finishes our evening together. The guild will purchase prizes from whatever shop that is present at the meeting, add some from the prize stash, and guild members who have previously won will also bring prizes. I always buy 5 tickets with 10 numbers on each; sometimes I win, but most times I don’t.

Without knowing the number of tickets sold that evening, I cannot tell you what the odds are that I would win anything at all, but I can tell you that those odds worked in my favour leaving my hand raised embarrassingly often.

Not a bad way to feed my stash I’d say.

I also won an issue of the magazine, Quiltemagasinet, and when opening it, I realized that it was the very issue in which the first article about me and my work was. Talk about meant to be.

I have recently re-joined the board of the guild, so I’m planning to do some posts about guild business - both to share my ideas and hear yours – and since we are on the topic of raffles, how do the raffles in your guilds and groups work?


  1. Good thing to raise your is the packing going? xox

  2. Neither of my guilds do raffles at the meetings....we have door no money is exchanged, and the prizes are usually someone's "hand me downs". I would love it if we had a chance to win cool stuff like you did. Congrats on that.

  3. Minnesota Contemporary Quilters have a fundraiser each month we call "2Bit Bags." The term 2 bits refers to a quarter or 25 cents. Members donate the prizes which can be quilty items, chocolate or wine. We have 6-7 prizes each month. The phrase "2 bit bags" refers to the small paper bag by each prize. Members pay 25 cents for a ticket, which is placed in the bag. We have no shortage of nice prizes, and raise $50-$100 each month, which is used for speakers.
    Sally Mortenson
    Saint Paul MN