Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Happy spring

I have been enjoying spring lately although mainly from afar. It’s dandelion season and as dandelions are not my friends at all, I’m keeping indoors.

I am still working on moving stuff to the studio, but at a much slower pace. I had some friends over on Thursday evening for an impromptu get-together, and it was very nice indeed. I am planning to teach small classes in my studio, so their feedback about lighting and setup of worktables etc is important. I am very much looking forward to spending lots of time there with my fellow quilters as well as on my own.

Planning the new house is taking up a lot of brain activity, and this is only the beginning of a long process. We haven’t got a date for the demolition of our house yet, but it’s right around the corner, and it looks like we’ll be living in the house next door while our house is being rebuilt. I have to admit to feeling rather ambivalent to the whole thing, but I’m sure it will be great when it’s finished.

I am spending more time in my studio, playing with the content of my Treasure Box. It is very exciting, and I’m restarting new projects left and right, enjoying looking at the little bits and pieces with brand new eyes, like for instance these appliquéd flower blocks.
I cut out hundreds of different sized flowers for this quilt back in 2005-06 (Blooming dreams (2006), 90*120cm)

and some of the leftover flowers were appliquéd onto squares for this table topper which was a present for a friend of mine for her 85th birthday back in 2008 (Rogalandsblomster (2008)) – and with 9 blocks to spare  The rest of the flowers were from a block lottery at my guild.

The rest of the flowers were used on this quilt.

Having tied off the thread tails and stitched the blocks together, I auditioned a few border fabrics

and chose this one.

It has bright pink spots, not orange like the flowers, but I think that just adds more interest. The top is now finished and put aside in the to-be-quilted pile. Yes indeed, I am making a pile of finished tops for those days when my mojo is winding down again and I just want to quilt.

Do you do that too, save work for less creative days to come?

Thanks for stopping by:)


  1. Love the random flowers atop that quilt. I save things in my journal that don't talk to me anymore and sometimes recycle canvases I no longer like. There is always something that you can pick up....xox

  2. Oh! I love all those flowers!

  3. Absolutely. There are days that I don't feel very creative, but still want to play with fabric and it helps to have some 'brainless' quilting all ready to do. So fun to see your different flowers.:)

  4. You so have spring on your mind. The flowers are very cherry! Love the border you chose.
    I have a few UFOs set aside... not so much for the reason yours are in a pile, but because I've lots interest, or come across a problem, or come across another inspiration. (Those flowers are inspiring.... HELP!)

  5. Sorry to have been so absent for a while! Love your blooming dreams quilt! Good luck with the new house plans! They sound very exciting!