Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Hello there; are you still out there?

I am sorry for the absence of Mrs Moen, but that just how life is right now. The purging/moving/demolition process is taking its toll even though we have barely started, but I’m having such a hard time with it. This is where I have spent some of my happiest days, and some of my most horrid ones; I have hated this place, and I have loved it. It is unsettling parts of my heart which I didn’t even know were there, but they are indeed and I have to deal with them. I cannot wait for this process to be over so I can move on. Waiting, waiting, waiting…

All righty then, enough of the heart-to-heart, it’s not all bad, you know. I have my studio space in which I am creating happy colour and happy noise to balance the unhappy out – and I am also enjoying lots and lots of time with our grandboys who are just that – grand.

Our Young Mr Moen is turning 7 today, and is having an all boy birthday party today and family party tomorrow. Oh man, he’s growing up so fast. I took him shopping for new glasses last week, and he wanted cool ones, not kiddie glasses. He looked cool indeed:)
Happy birthday, young man, we are ever so proud of being your grandparents!

I have also finished the soothing hand stitching of the binding on 6 little doll quilts for grandbaby’s kindergarten. He may not play with dolls himself, but I am assuming someone else do. They are also great tools for learning colours and values and words etc. 

They have been washed and are drying as I write this. He’ll be spending his regular night with me tonight while big brother is partying the afternoon away, and I’m planning for us to hand them over together tomorrow morning. There is a slight chance that he will claim them all as his Pupe, but I’m sure the kindergarten staff can handle that.

Oh well, off I go, kids to pick up, books to drop off; see you all later!


  1. Our 13 yr. old granddaughter just asked for the same glasses for her birthday.

    Good luck on the project. There are always so many decisions to be made when tackling something that large.

  2. Alltid noe å ordne opp i, lykke til da, Nina! Og ha en koselig feiring av ditt bbs 7 års dag :-) Jeg skal feire Elines 9 års dag på
    18 mai og skal bake rullekake med jordbær!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday to Young Mr Moen!! He really looks cool with those glasses!