Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Oh, dear sewing machine, how much I have missed your sweet humming.

I let chaos be chaotic for a few hours today and set up my machine on the worktable. As a first grader, grandson is learning English, and one of the teaching tools is Teddy. Teddy is a teddybear who travels through the class, spending a week with each student.

Amidst the moving chaos, we forgot to bring Teddy back to school on Thursday morning. I was horrified, I don't usually forget school projects like that, but here he was in his bright yellow bag with his clothes and accessories. After numerous apologies to grandson, I suggested that I would make a quilt for Teddy and today I did just that.

A leftover block, a piece of muslin and a tea towel strip, fabric markers and some fleece and the sweet humming of my machine - what a bliss. All that is left is to hand stitch the corners shut and tie off thread tails, and grandson can bring Teddy's quilt to school after the holidays.

And, now they also have an item beginning with the letter Q. I couldn't help but notice the lack of Q-illustrations in his Norwegian workbook. Thanks goodness grandma is a quilter, right.)


  1. when my son was in kindergarten, he got the letter Q for the class alphabet display and his grandma made a little quilt.

  2. Cute....at least Teddy wasn't some live furry thing you forgot! xox

  3. Sew sweet, Nina Lise! Every teddy and dolly should have a cute little quilt.

  4. Once again a quilt saves the day! Lucky young man who has a Grandma who quilts!

  5. Thank goodness, indeed! Every class of new readers needs a quilt... otherwise it's a queen, and where do you find those for classrooms?
    What a fun story!