Thursday, 10 April 2014

Lek med garn class at Sandnes Husflidslag

Even a dedicated quilter on the move needs time off from the joy(?!) of creating a new studio space. This week I got two nights off, which was very much needed I’d say.

On Tuesday I went back to the ladies at Sandnes Husflidslag (previous post here) to teach another class – Playing with yarn. This is also a Layer upon layer class, and you all know how much I love those. Fortunately I have packed everything I needed for the class a few weeks ago or they might have been lost in the black hole that currently is my studio.

Watching the students happily play along, adding a little dash of this and hint of that as we look at each project through the process.

Seeing strands of yarn being transformed into these little works of beauty never stops to amaze me.

Aren’t they just beautiful!
Thank you for having me over again!

If you would like to see pictures from our guild meeting last night, you will find them posted here. The text is in Norwegian, but I have added a translate button to the sidebar so you should be sort-of-able-ish to understand anyway.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Så stilig dette ble da! Morsom måte å bruke garn på;)

  2. These pieces are so whimsical and fun. I am going to have to try this myself. xox

  3. They do look intent on assembling their own masterpieces. It does look like fun.

  4. Du for et spennende og kreativt kurs. Her ble det mange flotte bilder :-) Egentlig slik man skulle gjort mer av.... herlig å leke seg. Bruker dere filtnål eller syr dere fast til slutt?
    Ønsker deg en riktig god påske.
    Flott teppe til teddy - husker ungene her hadde med en hjem hver uke også - det er lenge siden det. Bra han fikk et teppe ;-)