Friday, 26 September 2014

"Colour me pink"

I have blogged about my early days in the studio earlier, happily rediscovering old treasures in the Treasure Box. The 9 blocks from this post were made into a table topper for MIL for her birthday, finished up the day before we started packing up the house back in May.
(Pre quilting)

The flowers were orange so I wanted to add some hot pink to them to tie them to the border fabric. I have, for some reason, been working a lot with pinks lately, and am falling in love with them big time.
(Background squares all from thrifted fabric.)

I had some heavy weight, shiny rayon embroidery thread from last year’s shopping extravaganza, and while it was way too thick to go in the needle, it worked well enough in the bobbin. Hitting the middle of the flower from the back did not work quite so well, so the swirly swirls ended up wherever they wanted. As long as they were on the flower, I did not mind, who said they needed to be in the centre anyway.
(Flowery fabric from the Mrs Bouquet quilt)

I did not have a lot of time to fiddle around with the thread tension either, so I decided to like the hot pink eyelashes keeping the decorative thread in place. You can like almost any quilting mishap if you just put your mind to it, right?

It has a scrappy binding which was hand stitched to the back 2 minutes before we were due at the in-laws' house for the annual Norway Day dinner. The Big Box of binding is a great time saver indeed.

The quilt is very bright and cheery and MIL is rather fond of it although I’m not sure orange was quite her thing before I started quilting.

The overall appearance became a little pinker though.)

Have a wonderful weekend:)


  1. Love that couching stitch and your free form flowers. xox

  2. Yes, it's couching. What a good idea. And it is centered, the picture is from an angle so it looks off centered. Love them!

  3. What a great quilt! I just love what you do with stitching to add texture to your quilts. Wonderful! The pink and orange combo. in this quilt is really fabulous! I do like to see those colors together myself.:)

  4. What a fun quilt! Love all the bright colors.