Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Of geese and fine print

I have been spending a lot of time this past week chasing wild geese, which mostly could have been avoided if everyone, including yours truly, had read the fine print.

On Friday, for instance, I had organized the afternoon so I could take our young man to his first swimming lesson. We left little man with MIL and went on our merry way with his brand new swimming cap and goggles only to find the pool filled with a group of 3-5 year olds with their parents. Obviously there was some mistake, but the person who had done the booking did not bring the confirmation email, so we did not know whether it was the day, the time or the pool that was wrong.

It turned out all right in the end though as I took young man on a little road trip on our way back home. We used to live in that part of the town when his mom was little, so we got to see his mom’s kindergarten, where I used to work and so forth. I was quite nice. The swimming class turned out to be on Monday afternoons by the way.

Then there was the saga of the blue suitcase that had an unplanned stop at the local airport yesterday. An aunt of mine caught her flight back from Scotland, but her suitcase did not. It took two trips to the airport, lots of fees, lots of texting, lots of missed calls, lots of Amazing Race-style running around from this point to that, and lots of giggling at the silliness of the situation, all which could have been avoided if we all had read the fine print. I was ever so happy when the suitcase was finally dropped off at its next stop on the way back home.

There have been dinners that have been cooked at the wrong temperature, some unsuccessful attempts at refilling the orange fabric stash, unnecessary load of homework that have been done by young man, half a quilt's worth of blocks that have been cut in the wrong direction, papers that have not been picked up, papers that have not been dropped off, oh yes, it has indeed been quite a week.

And then there was today. While I was waiting for an appointment, I decided to quickly add some touches to the challenge quilts I have been working on; just emphasizing the quilted windows with a little touch of silver and a little touch of volume paint.

Yup, I should have read the fine print, or rather the whole print, because all I read was blanc (blank means clear in Norwegian)

and now I have a line of white goo around the windows on three quilts

- and more white goo on a different project from a fabric glue stick that is supposed to dry clear.

Apparently it does not, it dries white, but hopefully it will wash out. Maybe I should read the fine print, or maybe just stay a day or two in bed with a good book..

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  1. The fine print always GETS past me too! ;/

  2. oh dear! sounds like my week!

  3. You have had quite a week... you need a bubble bath with candles and a good book... de-stress.

  4. In bed, head tucked firmly under the covers for at least two days. What a week. xox

  5. Sometimes that paint will come off after freezing!
    Had some on a Bag and came off after freezing.