Thursday, 11 September 2014

The 28 strips quilt, a free pattern

This is a fun and easy pattern whether you already have a stash of strips, a jelly roll, or choose to cut new strips from any collection of fabrics. Mine is made from strips from my Treasure Box and measures 36”*36”. You can easily adjust the size to your needs.
(It is a beautiful sunny day today with a little wind which made my quilt dance. The light was a bit difficult; too bright in the sun, and a bit too dark in the shadow, but there you go. We'd better enjoy outdoor photo shoots while we still can.)

I first wrote about my Treasure Box back here, and did an update on what some of the treasures had been made into here. The box keeps being fed new treasures, and some are being used. If you are wondering what these treasures are, they are little pieces and shapes and blocks and stuff which are ready to be used in a project. Instead of being considered unfinished, they are a resource, instant starter pieces. It’s just a way of looking at leftovers and ideas which didn’t quite make it into a finished project.

The first few weeks in the new studio, when everything still was a little up in the air, the Treasure Box, or boxes really, were a great starting point. One treasure after the other was brought out, the ideas kept rolling and fabrics were added to the pieces. It was awesome. Some of the finished projects have been delivered to my magazine editor, and others have been given away, but the boxes are still full.

This particular treasure was a set of 28 pastel strips,

so I challenged myself to use them all, only adding a border fabric if I should want to. Looking around the studio, the perfect match was sitting on top of one of the bags - a light and lovely thrifted curtain. While the finished quilt does not really have a border, it appears to have one.

It also has a big couched flower which adds extra texture and movement and ties the pieced blocks and “border” together.

Couching is a great design tool for scrappy quilts; depending on the colour and thickness of the yarn, it can blend in or pop.

The pattern would look just as lovely in any other colour scheme or theme - Christmas fabrics, baby fabrics, delicate pinks, greys, modern geometrics, or luscious flowers; leave the couched shape out, or make a different one to fit your theme.

You can download the free pattern here. Enjoy!


  1. Oh my! I haven't been blogging for a few days and have missed all your wonderful projects. I always gain inspiration from what you do. I must try adding some yarn to a quilt for dimension sometime. It does add a nice texture to your projects. Your studio looks like a piece of heaven where you can spend lots of creative time and leave the works in progress out and ready for the next adventure.

  2. Love your new quilt. I can see that made quickly for a baby quilt. Love the quilting, too. I've never tried couching...

  3. Lovely! Love the big flower on top of it!


  4. Love those insta-starter pieces.:) Really sweet little quilt you made there!