Tuesday, 18 November 2014

"Grønt & Glitrende"

The latest addition to the layer upon layer classes is “Green & Glittery”.

Clean lines, lots of different materials, a little bling, lots of stitching. While the shapes are techniques are simple enough, they do take quite a few hours of happy creating before everything magically falls into place.

These pillows are not for afternoon naps and sticky fingers. I have used some old fabrics for the back sides which by the way, both have zipper closures.

The turquoise pillow cover (no pillow forms in the studio, no light at home..)

The pink pillow which daughter loves. 

The starry fabric has been waiting around for years. It was purchased as a quilting fabric, but the stars melt when ironed. This was the perfect project for it to (literally) shine.

And the double-tree table runner.

I had so much fun making these this summer despite the hot weather, and I managed to finish them properly before the Green & Glittery class in October. I am afraid this will be it when it comes to quilted Christmas projects this year, so I’d better enjoy them before they go to their new homes. Maybe I’ll just keep one for myself, or maybe two..

How about you; knee deep in Christmas projects or crossing that bridge when you stumble upon it?


  1. I really love these Green & Glittery projects! Beautiful!!

  2. Alle ser veldig fint ut. Da er det Jul i hele huset med så mange fine juleprosjekter

  3. These are all beautiful pillows and I would have a hard time gifting them if I were you. Love the double tree table runner....and the wonderful, fun 6 pointed stars.....and the way you've used multiple circles of fabric to make the candles glow.

  4. Love the glowing candles and that matchstick quilting is beautiful!!!

  5. They are fabulous!!! I am going to try to make some quilted pouches, time permitting, and put treasures inside them.

  6. These are gorgeous! I love the way you've made the candles glow. I'd like to make a life-size one and hang it on the wall instead of a tree. Wish I could take your class someday.

  7. Love the quilting - different colors, different widths... lovely.
    Also I love that the candles "shine" and "glow".

    This season I'm still settling into the new house, so I'm going to make everyone a bit of homemade fudge (beloved by most of my family) and that will have to do.

  8. These look FABULOUS... i am always inspired by your work - you are so clever :)