Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pink ploughing

I am enjoying the huge worktable in my studio these days, quilting a large quilt without anything dropping onto the floor while I’m wrestling with what seems to be tons of fabric. 

I used safety pins when basting the quilt which I haven’t been doing for ages. I have been spraying my way through can after can of basting spray over the years, but as my studio don’t have any windows that can be opened, I’d rather limit the amount of spray I use.

If you have never tried quilting with a contrasting thread colour, you may want to give it a go when looking at this.

A field of pinks with teal tracks. They make each other shine, don’t they. This is the almost-all-pink Christmas-gift-project which was induced with slivers of teal back here. Now it has a teal fleece backing, and lots of contrasting stitching. Just a few more lines to go and the edges are ready to be finished. I’ll be folding the fleece backing over as shown in my tutorial here.

I know they say that a walking foot is supposed to walk, but oh man, that thing can run...


  1. Yummy pinks....I need one of these for my bedroom. Might have to get into that quilting thing. Moving in this weekend. xox

  2. We are on the same wavelength.....I use contrasting thread for quilting all the time as I like the way it shows up, providing not just texture, but it becomes part of the quilt pattern as well.

  3. I figure why put all the effort of machine or hand quilting if the stitches don't show. great job, but I know what you mean about quilt wrestling. I feel your pain. take lots of breaks.

  4. Spennende farger å jobbe med, ser jeg! Håper lange pauser underveis hjelper. Ha en hyggelig førjuls tid :-)

  5. Oh boy, I cannot wait to see this one!!!

  6. Have you tried Quilters Basting Gun? I don't use anything else any more. The only thing it that you have to remove the tacks after quilting. But I find it much easier the safety pins.