Thursday, 14 May 2015


Our favourite young man is eight years old today. Eight years since were up for 46 hours waiting for him. What a rush that was.

On top of his wish list was referee cards.
(Grandma gets a red card)

Accompanying the gift from my sister’s family was The All Time Card – a Liverpool card playing You’ll never walk alone. Big hit. For someone who previously never had any interest in soccer, his love of the game has won me over. I most certainly look forward to taking him to Liverpool, or Barcelona for that matter, to watch a home game when he turns 13.

He celebrated with his friends on Tuesday at the soccer stadium. It was a lucky onetime only chance and he and his friends were so excited. He got a team shirt with his name and autographs from the team on the back. Lucky boy indeed.
(Picture borrowed from my daughter)

I helped setting up the room early as I was working that afternoon. I love planning children’s parties, they are so much more fun than grown up parties. I don’t know how it is where you live, but here it’s more and more common to have parties at play centres, bowling alleys and such, making it extra fun to set up a few old fashioned party games.

Instead of putting the tail on the donkey, we taped two big soccer goal printouts onto a door and prepared one football with each boy’s name and taped them on a glass door. Super simple, they were just copied onto regular copy paper and cut out with scissors; no cost at all and a big hit with the boys. The same size footballs also made great place cards so that everyone could keep track of their plate and cup.

Not a bad view from any room I’d say.

Today is a holiday here in Norway and the sun is out. I have some work to do so I’d better move on, but first of all I have a carrot cake to frost..

Happy birthday, young man, we are ever so proud of you!


  1. Wow, eight...been watching him all this time and he is still just so darn cute. Fabulous birthday bash. xox

  2. Grattis med bb 8 år i dag! Gøy med feiringer av de små :-) Ha en koselig 17 mai ... uten regn .... Jeg tar nok med paraply, verre med de små i toget.

  3. Can't believe he is 8 years old already! Wish him a Happy Birthday from a fan over here. The party looks like such fun. I do like an old fashioned home birthday party.

  4. 8 already? Happy Birthday, Young Man. Hope you have a wonderful year.

  5. Gosh, where did those 8 years go! Happy Birthday to him, what a handsome chap he is too. What a fantastic birthday party he had too by the looks of it xx