Monday, 11 May 2015

String block layouts

We are doing a scrappy string block swap at my guild, and I have made a few suggestions on how this type of blocks can be stitched together. I thought some of you would like to see them too, so here they are. These are my first EQ7 layouts:)



 Vertical zigzag

Horisontal zigzag

On point

Adding solid fabrics will calm down and tie all the colours together. This will also make it easier to piece the blocks together with regards to all the seam allowances. 
 Diagonal with sashing

 Straight with setting squares

Diagonal with setting squares

Have fun:)


  1. I'll bet you had fun doing that. I've got a sting started... there are just so many quilts to do coming up... For one, I'm going to be a great grandma in January. That means I'm making a quilt, of course. And the Momma likes the one I made for her youngest cousin. Before that there is a wedding quilt to make for my son in law and his new bride. And work on a wedding quilt for my granddaughter that wants to graduate from college first... hopefully I've got a couple of years on that one. You know how life can change in the mean time though.
    My string start isn't as pretty as your designs. I'm using strips given to me, and not thinking about the arrangement much. It is fun to work on them.
    I'm thinking 'on point' for mine. I've never made a quilt on point, so that'll be a new experience. Thanks for sharing your discoveries.

  2. Great ideas! Could you post these at as well? I think you are a member, but if not, reply and I will send you an invitation.

  3. Isn't it amazing how many designs are created simply by rotating the blocks? Thanks for sharing!