Sunday, 10 May 2015

Unloved, Anorexian Fiesta

The second unloved which I finished revamping was this table topper, “Anorexian Fiesta”.

A year into my daughter’s illness, many many years ago, I took a class and was thereafter part of a support group with two other mothers and a husband. At the time this group was very important to me and as it came to an end, I made a quilt for each of the other group members. I brought pieced Ohio star blocks to a meeting and had them and the group leaders sign the blocks.

This is the one I kept of the four quilts that I made. They were all made from the same fabrics, but the other three were a bit smaller. It has been stashed away ever since. For one, I don’t use a lot of table toppers, and the colours were a bit on the dull side.

If you are thinking of doing something similar, I can recommend taking a picture of the quilt and zoom in on different parts. It may give you ideas on how they will look on their own. I often use my iPad to take pictures which makes it easy to zoom in and take screenshots like this.

I cut the quilt into four pieces and trimmed them down to an appropriate size for place mats, making sure that the placement of the half stars was the same on all 4. 

To brighten up the somewhat subdued colours of the thrifted table cloth that I had used for a big portion of the quilt, I added a bright striped binding.

Now we have a set of 4 matching place mats, different but yet the same. You can see how they fit together

and how I cut them down to size.

That was it; the un has been taken out of another unloved. Super easy and rather cool I’d say.

Thanks for stopping by:)


  1. That was a great revision!

  2. And you can still use them for a table topper when not being used as placemats. Genius. Love the binding fabric with the previous colors.