Monday, 25 January 2016

Sir John and I

Meet my new workmate, Sir John. Isn't he just a dashing young fellow! I have been dreaming of a bigger machine for years, and now he’s here.

He has been sitting in my studio for days until I finally took him out for a run yesterday, but first I had a look in the manual to see if there was something fundamental different from my other machines. So far everything looks quite familiar.

My studio floor is rather slippery, so I cut a piece of a bath mat to put underneath the foot pedal so I won’t have to chase it around.

My first projects were some leftover scrappy blocks which I’ll be making into doll quilts for grandson’s kindergarden. 
That pink floral fabric is a recycled favourite of mine. I wish I had yards of it!

The walking foot worked smoothly, so I soon switched to the free motion equipment and a test cloth.
Having tested all my usual twists and turns, I felt confident moving on to the next scrappy block. All that extra space sure makes a difference even with such a small project.

No eyelashes on the front or the back

Scraps of fleece on the back

I’ll be practising some more before I move on to the pile of tops waiting to be quilted. I think Sir John and I will get on very well indeed.


  1. Nice machine. I love Janome. I have two. The workhorse simple one that I sew anything on and the fancy embroidery one hubby bought me several years back. They work like charms. I do need to do more practice with the free motion stuff. You make it look so so easy. xox

  2. Så käckt tips om den lilla "mattstumpen" under pedalen!


  3. Looks like you have a winner there. Love the pink stitches.

  4. Congratulations, the new machine sounds perfect. I love my big Husqvarna Viking Sapphire for the extra space and some special stitches.

  5. I will be interested in seeing more and how you manage with your new machine. One day my machine will need replacing and I have been thinking of something in the Janome brand.

  6. Congratulations! Wishing you both a long and happy relationship!!

  7. Have fun with Sir John!! I can see you'll be a great TEAM!

  8. Hei, dette var artig å lese. Eg fekk same sort maskin for ei veke sidan. Så denne veka har det vore mykje testing her og! Det eg ikkje fekk til, var ekkofoten, den runde kviltefoten.