Saturday, 23 January 2016

Neutral, kind of

I was invited to a supper the other day and wanted to bring something handmade, and a friend of mine recommended mugrugs - two of them – in neutrals if I wasn’t familiar with their colour preferences.

Finished mugrugs

Right. Neutrals. Not my usual palette is it. However, I had some scraps from the iQuilt, and stitched a few neutral-ish pieces together. They looked rather dull, so I made a cut in each of them and inserted a strip of brown to create a tree trunk.

I quilted horizontal lines, free motion stitched branches and bark, and added a neutral binding. Almost done, it begged for some colour, so I made little dots with Promarkers all over the brances. 

They didn’t really show much, so I drew circles around them to make them pop; first one round, then another. You can see the difference between one and two rounds, one round on the bottom mugrug.

Still rather neutral, I’d say, but a bit more fun.

The first time I made mugrugs was back in 2007 when a fellow guild member requested small quilts which she could sell with old mugs at a market. She was raising money for an orphanage, so I was happy to dig into my scrap boxes. I apologise for the quality of the pictures, it was 2007 after all.

There were flowers

and a summer scene

and a winter scene

and a cat

and happy scrappy ones

and of course, a mug.

It was so much fun, I should make more mugrugs more often indeed!

I am curious; what is your go-to-hostess gift?


  1. Usually hot pads. But I've done a couple of mug rugs too. Always fun to take something homemade.

  2. Dina "neutrala" mugrugs är mycket fina, tycker jag.
    Och tack för att Du visar oss en kvalkad av tidigare sydda mugrugs.


  3. Too cute, I love the trees on these new neutral ones. I've a new website by the way Come visit. xox