Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Corner block play

Warning: this post is picture heavy!
I have spent some happy hours playing with the Double trouble blocks, now renamed Corner blocks. I stitched the pieces together in no time, partly because they are super easy, and partly from being rejuvenated from playing hide and seek with the grandboys in the studio. There are quite a few empty spaces at my floor and I’m pretty much the only one there at the weekends.

My daughter has wished for something colourful to hang on her living room wall, and I am only too happy to make something for her. Let me put it this way – we don’t usually share the love of colour:) I have been documenting the process with pictures of each and every move hence the heavy picture load.

The blocks are 8”*8”.

The overall feel of the Corner blocks were on the orange side, so I made a few new blocks – two shades of pink and one very bright cold. This was was my starting point with all the blocks going in the same direction.

Twisting some of them this way

turning some the other way.

Arranging from light on the top to dark on the bottom. I quite like this layout and may use it with some of the other blocks.

Rotating some of the blocks. Loved this, but now how the lines seem to go off the top and bottom edges.

Adding two more columns making the width 64” which is appropriate for the space in which it will hang. Creating horizontal lines, and adding more light, medium and dark fabrics. The striped turquoise fabric is from one of her childhood dresses. I only have a scrap left now.

Going back to vertical lines and twisting every other block on the top and bottom so that the lines don’t go off the edge.

Adding another cold block.

Adding another row while keeping the top and three bottom rows as is. The light fabrics in some of the new blocks are too light, they pop too much.

Auditioning replacements

The revamped blocks back in place. Adding those extra squares of the two bright striped fabrics created a much better balance.

Replacing a block which had a bright orange fabric and swapping two others.



Adding more light by replacing a block with a lighter block.



This is where I left it. So many possibilities in one simple block!

Looking at it, I want to swap block 3 and 4 in the top row. The quilt-in-progress is already daughter approved as I’d rather know whether she likes it before I put a lot of work into quilting it!

I can’t wait to stitch the blocks together, the appearance changes so much; everything looks so much sharper. Falling in love with old abandoned projects is awesome!

I'll be posting a quick tutorial for these blocks later this week in case you too would like to play with some corner blocks.
Thanks for stopping by:)


  1. Love the sequence of play. So fun to see others process!

  2. The process with your comments is very helpful and encourages me to keep looking for the best arrangement in my quilts. Looking at photos makes it easier to see where blocks need to be swapped.

  3. Fun machinations with your blocks. Alot of movement in your lines which I quite enjoy. xox

  4. Wow! Thanks for the fascinating play-by-play design process. I always learn alot from this kind of post.