Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Corner Block Tutorial

Hello there!

The boys are busy playing so I found a window of time to write up a tutorial for the super simple Corner blocks from this post. This is an excellent block for beginners, for playing with pretty fabrics and for scraps. The instruction is for one block; I made two new sets of blocks with which to play for this tutorial, so the colours vary. 

You’ll need two fabrics; one for the corner, and one for the background/pavement. How much contrast you want between them, is up to you.

Measurements finished block: 8”*8”, unfinished; 8 ½”*8 ½”

Cut one 4 ½”*4 ½” square for the corner.
Cut one 4 ½”*4 ½” square and one 4 ½”*8 ½” rectangle for the background.
I cut 4 ½” strips in the full width of the fabric, and cut pieces for several blocks at the time.

Stitch the two squares together,

and then the rectangle on either side of the squares. I don’t press the seams until the block is finished. You've got to live dangerously sometimes, right?

I have alternated stitching the rectangle on the two sides of the squares.You can do this by stitching with the background square on top on some blocks, and the corner square on top on the others. The look of the blocks will be the same.

I have pressed some of the seam allowances this way and some the other.

You can use the blocks as they are for, amongst others, the layouts in the Corner block play post:
Side by side


Question mark

Vertical squiggly line

Horizontal squiggly line

This way and that

Or, you can cut the blocks diagonally and get a totally different look. I always cut blocks from the back to avoid jagged lines when cutting the seam allowances.

Make sure you cut through the spot where the seams meet

You’ll get two sets of triangles – Left ones and Right ones.

One Left and one Right makes these blocks

They can be used in the same layouts as the original Corner blocks.

Two Rights stitched together will give these blocks

and two Lefts will give these blocks.

They will make the same shapes, but move in different directions like the leaning stars

and interlocking pinwheels.

I had some fun playing with the Left and Right blocks together, and this was my favourite design. 

I love the strong diagonal lines!

I am quite happy that I revisited those long forgotten blocks and started playing with them. Now it's your turn; consider yourself challenged:)

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  1. Thanks so much. I esp. appreciate your tip about cutting blocks from the back. I never would have thought of that!

  2. So great tuto and design ,any of the setting is just fantastic.