Thursday, 3 March 2016

Double trouble revisited

Back in October of 2011, I started a new project (or rather two projects) for my twin nieces. It made it all the way through these three blog posts and then it got stashed away to be forgotten. There were som issues with my ¼” seam and the pieces would not fit together. Don't you just hate when that happens!

I pulled them out yesterday when I was searching for a project to bring to my quilting group – just like when they got started all those years ago. Ripping out those offending seams took no time. Apparently the width of my ¼” foot had not been the only issue, the tension was way off making the thread easy to pull out in one go. Thank goodness for silver linings and all that.

When all the seams had been removed, I started piecing the blocks back together. Sir John is such a workhorse, he chews piece after piece without and fuzz and with a perfect ¼” seam allowance every time. I almost want to pat him on the head and thank him for all his good work but it seems a bit inappropriate with him being a sir and all.

I have been playing with different ideas for these very simple blocks and how to turn them into something fun. I have only finished a few of the block sets, but I am looking forward to stitch up the rest of them as I looove the rich colours.

This was the original layout

or they can be stitched into huge blocks.

Or they can be slashed and stitched and mixed and twisted and turned...

So many possibilities to consider - after all this time, I have nothing to lose!

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