Monday, 7 March 2016

Unloved; Yarn flowers

The third Unloved which was transformed into something more useful was this small Yarn flower test cloth from this post back in September 2009. You can read more about my Unloved project here.

While a test cloth is just that, a test, it is better to make it into something than having it lying around doing nothing, right?

I wanted a pouch to stash all those little items that I spend too much time looking for in my handbag (and all my quilting friends have lovely quilted pouches for Everything) so I decided to make the little quilt into a pouch.

First I measured the size simply by folding it into a suitable size, and chopped off the excess.

Then the bottom binding came off. 

It was bound with ribbon yarn and I wanted to keep the top edge, but the side binding also got chopped off.

Auditioning zipper colours.

None of them matched perfectly, but close enough.

Folding the piece in half, marking the fold with a pin.

The zipper stitched in place with a little tail to hold on to.

Different flowers on the two sides.

Simple boxed corners on the bottom.

The zipper tail can also be tucked into the pouch.

The little piece which I chopped off was made into a tiny coin purse. It is the cutest little thing with flowers on one side

and greenery on the other.

I made these last summer and they have been keep my stuff organized ever since.

So much better than that test cloth just wasting space I’d say!


  1. Super cute. Love the test cloth. xox

  2. Hello Nina Lise. Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my much neglected blog. I am still crafting away although not blogging. My latest passion is sewing! Although nothing so large as a quilt. Little projects in the main although I have just finished tackling new window top treatments for our kitchen which I'm really pleased with :)
    I love the little purses you've made here - what a fantastic way to repurpose something that otherwise would just be hanging around. I've recently discovered continuous or endless zips and have a love-hate relationship with them! Your daughter's colourful quilt/wall hanging looks fab, she'll be delighted with the finished product I'm sure.

    I hope you and all your family are well and that your new home is suiting you all. I must take time and read through your blog soon.

    Take care, Sherry xx