Sunday, 24 April 2016

Improving: Strings

Tonight is the third meeting of our little improv study group and we will be evaluating our string sets. Evaluating is an important step in the process; looking at what we learned, what we enjoyed, what we found challenging.

When evaluating the previous score, seeing the Floating squares side by side was quite interesting. We moved them around, observing how they changed hanging this way and that.

For the next score, Strings, we agreed on these restrictions:
One string set in colour 1, strings narrower than 2”
One string set in colour 2, strings from 2” and up
One string set with both colours, strings of all widths.
All three string sets to be width of fabric and larger than 12”.

I was the one who insisted on the 2” width as I am not a fan of piecing long, long narrow strips, and whatdoyouknow, that’s what I have been doing. My blue strings kept turning out 1“and less, I had to really focus not to do it.

Piecing narrow strips together really takes a lot of time and concentration. After sewing all of them into pairs, I cut wider strips form a solid blue to alternate with the pieced strings. I am afraid I would never reach the 12” mark otherwise. It felt good moving on to the oranges.

As it turns out, my pieced string panels are way bigger than required 12”. The blue is 26”, the orange 29 1/2" and the orange/blue a whopping 43 ¾”. 

Lots of oldies and not all goodies, but as a whole they look rather great I'd say.

Look at that tiny little light wedge, It's not even a 1/4", maybe 1/8" at the end.

I cannot wait to see where they will lead me; the first step will be started on tonight’s meeting.

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  1. Great bunch of strings! The tiny white wedge adds a fun bit of interest.

  2. I see the beloved orange is there. Lots of detail in these strings, yikes, what work they take. xox

  3. I just did a guild presentation last week on making strata from strings (strips). Strata are one of my favorite ways to use up scraps and the possibilities of using them is almost endless. Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours.