Tuesday, 11 October 2016

From block to top

Wooosh. That’s the sound of August and September flying by. While I spent very little time in the studio, I was exercising every day, picking up the pace were I left off way too many months ago. We have been enjoying the most amazing weather this fall, so spending time outdoors has been a pleasure indeed.

I have returned to my studio though, happily working on this and that and stitching up improv blocks. I was planning to write a post about our brilliant day of Improv Round Robin back in September, but as I am having a bit of trouble uploading pictures today, they will have to wait to another day.

I have made progress on a few of the projects from this post, among others the block from the Design a block challenge.

The block was stashed away with a few bits and pieces which would go with it, but I had to play with a few other options first like this batik which I adore. It was way too busy, but you never know until you’ve tried.

Then this fabric caught my eye. It is a beautiful heavyweight woven cotton fabric which I picked up in Birmingham last year, 

and with the purple embellishments, it was the perfect companion to the purple string from the bag.

A little slash and stitch later, and the top for a new pillow was finished. It has later been quilted, but those pictures need to be uploaded too. Oh well.

Thanks for stopping by!


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