Wednesday 10 March 2010

Invitation Table Cloth Challenge

You are hereby invited to participate in Mrs Moen Table Cloth Challenge 2010.

I have a collection of table cloths from the 70ies which I love. I have wanted to use them in my work for a while, and I hope some of you will like to join me in this experience.

These are some of my candidates. These are from the thrift shop; all so different and great candidates:
Green linen (I think)

Orange cotton
Grey and purple linen

I’m going to keep this challenge simple:
- Everyone is welcome to join in.

- Sign up by leaving a comment on this post. If you have problems leaving a comment, send me an email.

- Pick a table cloth (old, new; that’s up to you).

- Post a picture of your cloth on your blog or email me your picture if you don’t have a blog.

- Make something from the table cloth by June 1st. It does not have to be quilting related; you can use the cloth in any way, shape or form and with any medium you like.

- Post a picture of your finished project on your blog.

March 20th

Post a picture of your table cloth or send it by email.
Pop over here and add your link; just follow the instructions in the Challenge post of that day.

June 1st
We will do the same thing with the pictures of all the finished projects.

Copy the button to your blog to spread the word if you like; the more the merrier. If you have any questions, send me an email.


  1. This is a great challenge! I have made a bag out of an old linen tablecloth myself. Now I need to hunt for some new (old) treasure to play with...
    ; )

  2. I am i. I have been wanting to make something for Easter

  3. Oh, I like this one, even my non-quilting self
    can participate in this. Beautiful cloths that
    you have there, love that orange.

    I will happily participate and have just the vintage cloth in mind.

  4. I have several table clots from the 70ies stored, with and without coffe spots...and would like to participate.


  5. Sadly, I don't have any table cloths that I am able to transform, but I do look forward to seeing what you gals come up with!! Great idea!

  6. I like the sound of this! I have lots of tablecloths as candidates. Thank you! Ros

  7. I’m in. Some were in my old stuff there has to be something that can be transformed into something new !!

  8. I've posted a picture of the tablecloth I'm using. This sound like fun!


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