Tuesday 23 March 2010

Put your mark on it!

At classes and retreats there are often notions left behind. You all know how it is – we have things in our hands walking around, we borrow stuff from each other, things fall on the floor, we cut here and iron there – it happens all the time. Returning these items to their rightful owners is easy when they are marked with names, but some times they get put away in lost and found for ages.

Here is one easy and one more time elaborate but decorative way of marking your stuff:

CD/DVD marking pens
These are inexpensive and work on practically anything! I have written my name on all kinds of stuff, even the blade of my scissors; really noticeable right? If your name eventually comes off – write it again!
Tape & marking pen
On dark stuff where the marking pen won’t show (like a cord), or on things where you might want to remove the marking (like a ruler), I put a piece of tape on or wrap a piece of tape around the item, and write my name on the tape using the CD/DVD marker.

I made lots of these tags for guild members who lent irons and ironing boards to an event we were hosting. They are made similar to the badges in my tutorial, but the fused sandwich was cut into rectangles, zigzagged around the edges and a thread added for tying. I also printed our event logo on fabric and fused one to each tag for decoration. I still have mine on my laptop bag and ironing board.


  1. Hey Nina,
    I use the address labels that charities are always sending out (except that they usually have my husbands name on them!) for identifying my items. They wrap around everything in my stash, from the BOOKS I loan to my friends, the cords of my sewing machine and the rulers, scissors, etc. That way, if I do loose them, the person finding them knows how to reach me!

  2. Great little tips, it would be tragic to lose that favorite pair of scissors. Love the little tags...

  3. That's a good reminder to mark our things before going out to classes. I lost a large cutting ruler because it wasn't marked!

  4. What a great idea to post about this. I've done some but not all that you have suggested. I like your badges idea too.

  5. Great idea and I love your tags! I tie a bit of wool around each handle of my scissors - all the same color. Easy to find them and so far after several years the wool is still there LOL Good idea though to mark them with your name!

  6. Very useful info, here, I've done this for years. If you've ever lead a class group, you label your items just to keep them from walking off, LOL!
    I figure if something of mine goes home with someone else, they will at least have a constant reminder of who they "borrowed" it from-!
    :-} pokey

  7. Great tips. Thanks! Sadly, I know it is easy to loose things at a class or quilt reatreat. Marking is very helpful to ensure your items go home with you!



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