Wednesday 28 April 2010

Finish it! Pinned

Another step, however small it might be, on the way to finishing my Happy Houses is done. I have run out of steam on this one, but in the spirit of Finish It! I managed to squeeze it into the rather packed schedule of this week.
I have attached the loops for hanging, and pinned the backings on. That’s all. The next step will be sewing them together; I should manage to do that during the next week.

I’m trying to move forward with a couple of projects where I’m on a deadline, but for some reason I don’t feel inspired by them right now. I have seen how the ideas turned out, so I have lost the required interest to finish them. It doesn’t really help that I have dozens of new ideas waiting, just crying to be made. How do you stay focused when inspiration cannot be found anywhere even in bright daylight and with all the halogen lights on?

I took an advanced Zumba class today as I missed out on Monday’s beginner’s class. Wow, that was hard, but I made it through, smiling like a big old clown. I spent the morning paying bills, doing boring paperwork and my taxes, so it was good getting the blood pump going. The taxes are not much work anymore, pretty much everything is on the form already, but it feels good to finish them nevertheless.

Hopefully I’ll sleep like an exhausted 3-year-old tonight and be ready for a more productive day tomorrow.


  1. Good for you on the Zumba class. I agree--sometimes finishing is the hardest part only because starting is so much fun. I just have to remind myself how nice the finish is. I look forward to seeing the houses!

  2. Zumba looks like a good workout. I might have to check it out for myself. Found one near here. I know what you mean about finishing, once the idea is out there it somehow seems finished even when it isn't.

    I am sure they will turn out brilliant.....


  3. That looks like fun, but I think that be a bit much for me, lol.
    We don't have any good classes like that around here.
    I am finishing too, have one piece done, one almost done and will work on finishing the other tonight.


  4. Good for you - Zumba and working on your Happy Houses. I love your Swan Lake by the way. Good luck with your deadline projects.


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