Wednesday 7 April 2010

Make A Letter

These letters are easy to make and would look great on a door or a wall.

What you’ll need
Fabric scraps

Felt; dark and light

Fusible web

A printout of your name/letters/numbers (see below)

And what you’ll doThe printoutYou need to print out the whole name.

I have made my letters in Word using the font Tekton Pro Ext, bold and in size 300 with added shadow. My version of Word is in Norwegian, so I’m not sure this will be 100% correct, but click “Format”, then “A”. You’ll find the box “Shadows” under “Effects”.

This size of letters (hight approx 3 1/4" or 8cm) is appropriate for decoration; make yours any size you want.

If you have the option to print a reverse document (to the right above), do so.

Draw a line around the shadows.
If your text is the right way (to the left above); trace around both letters and shadows on the printout using a marker that will show through the paper.
Draw the lines properly on the wrong side of the paper.

LettersTrace your reversed letters onto the paper side of fusible web.
Cut them apart and fuse to the back of fabric scraps.
Cut out the letters along the lines.

ShadowsCut the printed letters apart.

Pin them to the dark felt (I have used charcoal felt).

Cut out the letter/shadow shapes along the outer lines of the shape. Tip: cut out the “holes” in letters like As and Rs first.

Fuse the fabric letters onto the dark felt shadows. If your felt is a wool blend – remember a pressing sheet!

BackgroundI have used a light felt for background. Cut a strip a bit wider than the height of your shapes.

Pin/fuse/glue the shapes onto the background as you like. I have not used anything as the felt stick together.
Put on your darning foot, lower your feed dogs and free motion stitch a couple of times around the fabric letters only, leaving the shadows unstitched. If you don’t have a sewing machine, stitch the letters by hand through all layers.
Cut out the shapes leaving a few mms of light felt all around the shape.
Now you can attach them to any surface you like.

If you’ll be hanging letters on the wall, you can sew small metal or plastic rings (from the hardware or craft store) on the back.

I’ll try some double sided sticky pads for hanging letters on a door. If the glue does not stick to the felt, I’ll use a pin or a few hand stitches to attach the pads.


  1. Olá,
    Acabei de conhecer o seu blog e já estou encantada com suas artes.
    Essas letras ficaram incríveis, e os quilts que vi por aqui são um sonho.
    Parabéns pela criatividade e pelo capricho.
    Agora você tem mais uma fã brasileira.

  2. Parabéns ...seus trabalhos são lindos e criativos.....adoro isso.....muito obrigada por nos inspirar e dividir tantas maravilhas.....bjs ......


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