Monday 26 April 2010

Name quilt: Markus

I had a wonderful weekend with lots of time for working on a few projects. Among the finished ones is the first name quilt made with letters from my Make a letter tutorial. This is for the little guy who I learned would be named Markus the same day as I finished these letters.-)
I made the quilted background first using a solid light blue fabric and my favourite IKEA fleece as batting. I love how 3D and firm quilted projects get using the fleece, and it stitches wonderfully. The quilt is bound as regular, and the letters and crown are free motion stitched to the finished background; only one pin needed as the felt clings very nicely to fabric. I skipped the last part of the tutorial (appliquéing the letters onto light felt).
The quilt measures approx 6”*23 ¾”.

Now, I hope they won’t change their minds about that name…



  1. You really get the 3D effect here, very cool! The letters just pop!

  2. Amazingly 3D, it looks like a computer graphic rather than a real object in the first photo. The quilted fleece really adds to the 3D effect very nicely.

  3. Sooo cute! What a lovely gift!
    And thanks for the tip about using Ikea-fleece as batting!


  4. Fun piece and wonderful fabrics.


  5. Very cute. And I love the crown. The crown really makes it special. He is so going to love you for making this for him. What a delightful gift that will last for so many years. Inspirational. I can't wait to make this. Thanks for inspiring and sharing your insights. You are so very talented!


  6. These letters looks sooo good with the 3D effect - love them! Great gift!

  7. It looks great and I'm sure the recipients will love it.

  8. it looks wonderful, I am going to give the ikea fleece a try.....good idea!


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