Thursday 6 May 2010

Finish it! Pinned - again

Thanks to the always enjoyable monthly meeting with my friendly little sewing group yesterday, I got some time consuming work done on my Happy Houses. The little quilts are now turned and pinned again, ready for a seam around the edges and maybe a little quilting to keep the layers together.
I also managed to finish the appliqué on another quilt (one of the looking-for-inspiration-with-floodlight-and-a-microscope-quilts-with-a-deadline) and get the top ready for quilting. I think this will have to be my next Finish It! project.

Thanks for all your advice on embellishing my grid; they were highly appreciated! I’ll be attaching the buttons today. I really liked the idea of adding a little wool or felted flowers, and will try that on my next grid when I have a little more time to play (and make mistakes). I love embellished projects, but I need practice and to stop thinking that everything is too much. I guess the leap from very simple designs to heavily embellished projects is too big, and that it might be easier to do it in baby steps. So far I have only tried basic stuff like buttons, beads, felt flowers and yarn.

What are your favourite embellishments and -techniques?


  1. Not a quilter, I of course like paper layers, but I do so love the Kemshall mother and daughter who paint on their quilts!

  2. I love beads on fabric--just a scattering or a heavy layer, I love it all. There are so many possibilities--my bead stash rivals my fabric stash (I used to work at a bead store).

  3. Love the fabrics you used, really unique and fun.



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