Sunday, 16 May 2010

Task of the day, May 16

Like pretty much every other mom in this country, 16th of May is the day when bunads (our national costumes) are pressed and fitted and flags ironed. Tomorrow is our national holiday and the celebration starts early in the morning, so I'd better be prepared and ready to go.

Daughter’s bunad, Husfliden’s Blue Rogalandsbunad, is my biggest needlework achievement although a bit crinkly from storage right now.

Detail of shawl
and apron
I made it for her confirmation 8 years ago. Starting out way ahead, I got the fabric and everything two years before the big day. A year and a half later I hadn’t even taken it out of the bag (too busy quilting), so I signed up for a bunad embroidery class. That was money well spent, and after working on it for hours every day, it was finished just in time. Mom flew in and helped me assemble the costume, MIL made the shirt and the accessories were a gift from her father – a true family effort.

The teacher was very strict and particular; the wrong side should be as beautiful as the right. Mission accomplished – last year daughter wore her shawl on the wrong side for hours without anyone (not even me) noticing.-)
If I’m lucky I’ll get a picture of daughter and grandson in their costumes before they run off tomorrow morning.

I’ll also be arranging strips of fabric today. I love the fabrics and the format of this project (1m+ wide), so it will be fun even though the schedule is a bit tight. There’s nothing like a deadline to get those creative juices flowing…


  1. Wow, the embroidery is amazing...I cant believe someone has the patience to do it....It is really beautiful////

  2. Det må jeg si var ett bra samarbeid :D Har og lært av min mor at det skal se like bra ut på begge sider, derfor lot jeg henne brodere min datters bunad hehe. Ha en feiende flott 17 mai feiring.
    Klem fra meg :D

  3. That is a very beautiful "bunad" embroidery!! Have a good celebration tomorrow, and thank you for your nice birthday wishes.
    ; )

  4. Absolutely beautiful embroidery!

  5. Happy holiday. I love your traditional costumes. Your embroidery is
    perfect!!!!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow. xox

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  7. Oh my goodness, that is incredible stitchery. I hope to see a photo of your daughter wearing it. I've never seen the Norwegian costume! I can't imagine everyone has one so beautifully handstitched...are most store-bought machine embroideries?

  8. The bunad is beautiful, Nina. My mother also insisted on "wrong side beauty" in all of our handwork as children. Now I continue the madness, unable to make ANYTHING with a messy back... but that is all part of the process of life, isn't it? If we are beautiful only on the outside, but unfinished or ugly on the inside, eventually those imperfections will show and ruin everything.