Wednesday 26 May 2010

Task of the day, May 26

Today I’m making binding for 3 quilts; Saying Cheese, City and 1 of 10. I haven’t figured out how to attach two of them yet as one has 3 fabrics (which need to be positioned in specific places without any bulky seams) and both have to be pinned on instead of my usual approach of sewing like the wind and block the quilt afterwards if needed. These quilts cannot be stretched in any direction as I have already sent off the dimensions.

I cut off 1” off the City quilt after squaring it up. I had added a piece to a strip of fabric just to make sure the quilt would meet the 1m requirement after quilting. Well, it ended up at 107cm and the line bothered me, so off it came. I was terrified cutting that thing, afraid that something would go wrong and the quilt would end up too short. Luckily it didn’t.-)

You can see how I do my bindings here if you don’t mind less-than-perfect pictures; it was my first tutorial.


  1. Good luck finishing it all up, I don't know how you accomplish as much as you do! xox Corrine

  2. I can just see you sewing like the wind. I think squaring up a quilt is my least favorite part of making a quilt. Sometimes, I confess, they don't turn out so perfectly.

  3. Great work. Look forward to seeing and reading more from you!


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