Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Task of the day, June 29

Today I’ll be designing labels for my exhibition entry quilts. Since spreadsheets and I go waaay back, Excel is still the software I’m most comfortable with. However time consuming; at least I know what to do to get what I want. I’ll print them onto printer fabric, rinse & dry them, and hand stitch them to the backs (preferably after their edges are straight, straight, straight; which they actually should be by now – but I haven’t gotten around to it yet).

Sometime in the future I’ll get a design software, and maybe one of those little drawing pads, but for now I’m doing just fine with what I have.


  1. I like that orange thread I see!!!! xox Corrine

  2. Love the big stitching on the quilts.
    I have a drawing pad, hardly use it. I always end up using paper, just need the hand to visual.


  3. Love the "All strings attached" quilt. I don't see any little quilting tucks where the foot pushes excess fabric into a nice smooshed mess like I have on my quilts tho.