Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Book club magazine

I am in the middle of a whirlwind these days with books and patterns and grandkids flying by every other minute. Seriously, if I don’t shut my eyes every now and then, my head will be spinning. The appropriate resolution pictures from the photographer that just need to be converted into another format to be bloggable have arrived. I’ll tell you converting them is a slow process with resting hands.

However, the magazine for Hobbyklubben (The crafting book club) came out last week with a presentation of "Gledesspredere" – and pictures. That little pink blurb on the cover says that this is the winner of their competition (“Do you want to be a crafting book author”; and yes, I did).

The cover girl is “Early bird in the flower meadow”, the one and only table runner in the book. The projects are generally small, and the runner is an example how you easily can use any of the illustrations in a bigger project.

Front cover of the book and a few charming creatures.

“Ostrich walk” (where did Per go?) and the twin quilts “Running with scissors” and “Running with balloons”.

“Georg”, “Shopping”, “Penguins in snowstorm” and “Bird and fish”

“4 cats & a mouse” and “Happy day"

More pictures to follow!

I have been getting questions about when Gledesspredere will be in English, and I’m afraid that is out of my control. The publisher have their own people who are working towards the international market, it just might take a while. That being said, if you know a publisher, feel free to nag and brag and send them my way.-)

In the meantime, do not despair, I will have a few copies available here for those of you on friendly terms with Google Translate, those of you who enjoy pretty pictures, and of course those of you who like my work and would love to own a signed copy of any book of mine.

Basically the book is all about the joy of creating and sharing the joy with others. It has 50 patterns + a 4 page gallery and I have used lots of different materials and techniques – all in my quirky style. Charming creatures, changing seasons, well-seasoned wisdom, human diversity and lovely little ones – they are all covered. The book has lots of tips and tricks, and of course a bit of humor.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it. Only one more week or so and I will have the first copy in my hands.

Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. You must feel so much excitement over the book! Love to see the pictures so far Nina Lise!

  2. Boka er like fargerik og fin som du selv er :-)
    Ser ut som ei flott bok med mange prosjekter i - og så gøy det må være.
    Ønsker deg en kreativ og fin uke.

  3. Happy for you and really enjoy your cheery, relaxed style.

  4. Hei, fant bloggen din gjennom Hobbyklubben. Gratulerer med BOK! Den ser jo fantastisk ut. Det er en "må ha" for meg, regner jeg med. =)
    Ha en fin dag. Jeg kommer innom igjen.

  5. A little preview to your book? I love what I am seeing! Your artistic style is very light and uplifting. Too bad the book is in a foreign language...all those tips and tricks are no good if I can't read them!!!

  6. It all looks so delightful!
    ...and I know lots of people who "read" Japanese books, so Norwegian shouldn't be too difficult:)

  7. Gratulerer med bokutgivelse! Ser spennende ut!

  8. Gratulerer med bokutgivelsen, Kjempe artig eg fann bloggen din og . Lagt meg til som følger. Du designa og syr mykje fint. Klem Lilla dør


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