Monday, 31 August 2009

I'm loving angels

(and yes, I’m a Robbie Williams fan!)

I really love angels! I have made lots of them, and probably will for years to come. These little darlings are inspired by Excel clipart. I made different versions of them for Christmas a couple of years ago in all kinds of colour combinations; some appliquéd, some embroidered.

The first one is “Love you for ever”; inspired by the book with the same title (which I noticed for the first time in a Friends episode). It’s made from scraps (my favourite pastime) and lives with my daughter.

The other one is called “Grandma’s angel” and is free hand machine embroidered on a scrappy background. The name kind of gives it away; I did keep it for myself.


  1. Your angels are so cute, and with a bit of an attitude. Love them! I can see how these can be used in different ways, a great pattern!

  2. You angels is very beautiful