Sunday, 16 August 2009

Nothing to wear

My favourite way of getting back in the groove when I’m in a quilting rut, is to cut out the same appliqué shape from lots and lots of scraps. I often use circles or ovals, but lately I have been cutting dresses. I arrange and rearrange the pieces until I’m happy with the result. This way I get the creative juices running just playing with different colours and textures, and I often fall back I love with my older fabric.

These quilts have been lying around for a while waiting to be signed and shipped off… They are made for LHL, The Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organization. LHL has a GoRed campaign to raise money for research on the female heart. The logo is a red dress with a white heart, so I have included one red dress with a white heart in each quilt.

I also made three smaller quilts for Ami Simms Alzheimer auction. They have to be within the maximum size requirement, so they look just a bit cramped, but well…

The quilts are made from my Nothing to wear pattern. I designed this pattern for a quilting festival arranged by my guild last year, but the idea for a “but I have nothing to wear!!” quilt had been in my mind for years. The quilts are easy and fun to make; all you need are some scraps and a background fabric, and you are ready to go. I have made quite a few in different colour ways to match the recipient’s wardrobe, and they look soooo different.


  1. Hei og takk for koselig kommentar :)
    Sååå utrolig kjekt at du har begynt å blogge.
    Jeg håper du kommer til å kose deg her i blogglandia. Velkommen!!:))

  2. Congratulations, you have a great blog! And you have made a lot of beautiful quilt, too. I have been lucky enough to see some of them in person! I am so happy to visit your blog, and look forward to come back. Blogging is a lot of fun, it opens for a lot of new connections and impulses.
    Your "I don't have anything to wear" is a great design, who can not relate to this? Please, keep designing, you are so talented!!! And I do love your Classroom quilt!