Sunday, 16 August 2009

What to do next...

My current project is a gift for my parents for their 50 year anniversary in a couple of weeks. This anniversary is extra special to us, because my dad was horrible, horrible ill this spring. We spent almost 2 weeks with him in the Intensive Care Unit while he was in a coma on life support, but miracles happen, and he made a remarkable recovery.

I took a picture of him and mom after we had been on a walk the last time I was visiting. He was on leave from hospital and still using a walker, so he was so happy to be home and outdoors. I have printed the picture on a sheet of EQ Printables (I got mine here), and the result is perfect, even before ironing. My plan is to use it in a pillow with blue scraps left over from my mom’s 70th birthday quilt. It’s the first time I’ll use a printed photo in the front of a project; I have only printed labels before.

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