Monday, 26 October 2009

Finish it! Finished!

The third and last update on my Finish it! project “If I lay here”, of which I have done a progress report on a weekly basis. You can read about Nicole’s Finish it! challenge here.

The quilt is painted with fabric paints, quilted with pearl cotton floss, and it’s finished!

I had quilted a part of the painted black area using green thread, and liked the bodyish shape so much, that I used black thread for the rest. For the eyes I chose a lavender thread. The binding is from my Big Bag of Binding; the piece needed just a little touch of soft colours around the edges.

Now I need to choose a new Finish it! project; having to blog about the progress every week gave me the motivation I needed.


  1. Your quilting is beautiful, and the quilt it self a little bit scary... It is a long way from pretty flowers! Love your mixed technics!

  2. That is so true, having the blog help hold you accountable. I find that is so true also. It is so easy to just say it doesn't matter, but it will bug you to death. What a nice piece of art.