Sunday, 27 December 2009

Family Days

So, Christmas is officially over. My parents have arrived safe back at home, most of the sweets are gone, and husband and daughter are waiting for their pizza. I have been soooo good, no sweets, no treats, and no snacking in between. The 30 minutes a day walk-plan had to go though, but I have been running around the house all day, so I have done lots of sneak exercising. All you housewives know what I mean; being the hostess at Christmas is kind of busy.

Yesterday the whole family went for a 2 hour walk bringing our old sled for grandson. Most of the roads were rather icy, but it was so nice to get outside in the cold weather.
After taking my parents to the airport today, I have pretty much been slacking off. The bills have been paid, but my Dream Theme panel has to wait until tomorrow; I’ll be watching TV all night with my feet up…


  1. Så flink du har vært med å passe på det du spiser. Jeg føler meg ganske så "stuffed" etter tre dagers julekos :P Koseligt bilde av familieturen. Kos deg videre og ha et flott og kreativt nytt år:D
    Klem fra meg.

  2. Did you know that cleaning house burns more calories than walking? I never feel guilty on a busy day if I don't get my routine exercise in for the day.

    It sounds like a wonderful Christmas for you.

  3. Looks like a beautiful day - I love crisp winter days.

  4. You have a beautiful family! The last of my guests left yesterday and my husband gave me a new computer which I am learning to use, so I am a bit behind. I am so impressed that you hosted Christmas and are still accomplishing so much.