Thursday, 3 December 2009

UFO numero cinque

Hip Hip Hurrah, the last UFO for Finn’s at Pieces from my scrap bag UFO Challenge, The Oh Crap Quilt, is done – D-O-N-E! What started out as 7 190cm strips of squares, is now a lap quilt, hand tied and backed with fleece. 5 UFOs pledged, 5 done + 11 off the list, that’s a total of 16 finished UFOs since September 21!

Everything went wrong while finishing this last one (if you did not understand that already from the name of the quilt), but it turned out OK and daughter loves it, so she will get it for Christmas.
It has been pin basted – twice
It has been hand tied – oneandahalftime
It has been bound – twice (with 4 nights in front of the TV using the seam ripper in between)

The sort of wobbly edges will straighten out the first time it gets washed; they often get like this when I finish the edges by folding the backing fleece to the front and stitch them down by machine. I love the fleece “binding” though; it’s so soft, and (usually) easy to do.

No more UFOs on my short list! I still have some more; 2 that will be worked on next year, The Grief Quilt (which I have decided to do by hand) and The House Quilt, which I just remembered I had (and surprisingly enough also where it was) the other day. I might pick one of them for a Finish It! project in January.

A little tip – if you’ll be working at your UFOs – don’t drag them out all at once, it will get overwhelming if you have lots and lots of them. Pick a few, work on them, finish some, and pick some more.


  1. Congratulations, what a good feeling it must be to have accomplished so much! I like the contrasts in this quilt and the fleece backing is going to make it so cuddly!

  2. you poor thing. You are really working har on those UFO's and it's working for you Nina. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats on the finishes! I have never made a binding like that, though I have an old quilt that has one. I like the idea of doing that with fleece, which as you say is sooooooooo soft!