Tuesday, 1 December 2009

UFO numero quattro

Another UFO, Warhol Angels, from the challenge list is finished. This one did not finish easily though! I tried to get a proper picture of it outside today, but the patio was way too icy.
I had the inked blocks (inked the same way as my little playing with colours tutorial), and the holly leaf batik fabric for the border. Wanting a little challenge using other’s choice of colours, I brought some fabrics to my nameless quilting group and they helped me choosing the green and purple fabrics for sashing and setting squares. I thought it needed some more bright colours, so I replaced the green with pink squares around the edges. So far, so good.

I know I have read a warning somewhere to never use mystery batting, but I had this incredible soft and lovely polyester batting that I really wanted to use. Now, I know from experience that it does not work well with basting spray, so I basted the living daylight out of the thing using every safety pin in the house.

There is no straight quilting line in this quilt. It kept shifting and sliding even though I used my otherwise trustworthy walking foot. At some point I had to decide whether it should go back into the UFO pile, or get finished - ever. I chose to finish it, wobbly seams and all. It will only be out at Christmas and most of the time it will be folded up on the arm rest of the sofa.

Still; it's a finished UFO:-)


  1. Wow! wonderful. Using pink outside corner blocks was the perfect choice. Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks about giving up on a project but plows through it anyway and end up happy with the results.

  2. very cute and very christmasy.
    well done for finishing it. and thanks for the previous post on playing with colours - yet another thing i'd like to try!

  3. Nina congratulations on another finish. You may just have to start some new projects to keep you busy next year.

  4. Nicely done Nina. And great inspriration for me to get my ufos front and center and start my own countdown - sounds like a good January project.