Monday, 21 June 2010

No strings, Day 1

I signed up for the No Strings Attached Challenge at Loft Creations a long time ago thinking that it would be a piece of cake as I had designed and started on a string quilt for a niece a year and a half ago. I already had a box of strings and half assembled blocks ready to go with accompanying strips and squares all prepared and neatly stocked. Somewhere. The months have passed and the deadline is now only 9 days away. That sounds doable, right?
I finally located the box in the exact place I thought it was even though I could not find it there the last time I looked. No half finished blocks to be seen though, so I’ll grab some bright strings and make a few blocks. Maybe 8 for a cheerful little table runner.

My plan for the next week is to squeeze in a little time working on this every day; that’s the only way I’ll have a chance to make the deadline. This will be a Finish It! project on a daily basis. There’s no way I’ll give up without trying…


  1. Good luck! Sometimes it is good to have a deadline to work to.

  2. This challenge is on my plate this week, too. The best of luck with yours:)

  3. string projects are fun! Enjoy.

  4. This looks like a fun project!