Thursday, 24 June 2010

No strings, Day 4

The border is on; a white on white print which I cannot even remember having seen before. Maybe that’s giving you an idea why I’m doing the Make do month thing. I squared it up before adding the borders in case I ever want to put it on the table.
Daughter thinks it looks like a baby quilt, and I see why – the car fabric and the fact that I whipped up a bunch of baby string quilts while we were waiting for grandson to arrive. The first class I ever taught was a scrap class and I tried out every way, shape and form of scrap blocks preparing for the class. Some of them were more fun than others, so I just continued making them. Grandson spent many, many happy hours examining the different colours and textures.

The fabrics are all scraps from previous projects, squaring up fabric edges, excess backings and so on. It is mostly quilting fabrics and a few thrifty ones with any jagged edges and stringy threads lovingly spared on the back. I love taking a box of nothings and transform them into something.

Now, how will I quilt this thing…


  1. I guess I missed this post! The white border is a great choice Nina Lise!
    You are the best in making lovely things from as you say ‘nothing’!

  2. I love the graphic boldness of this and the white sets it off nicely. I love those fabrics with pattern on in the same color. xox Corrine

  3. Well your 'box of nothing' has turned into something magnificent!! Well done!

  4. I love the crisp white border, I think it is a perfect contrast to the busy blocks.

  5. I love seeing this project come together!!! You used some really cute fabrics. I love the little cars.