Friday, 25 June 2010

No strings, Day 5

The only thing I did with this project yesterday was buying batting, so today I started quilting early in the morning to make a little progress. I have done straight line quilting with white thread in a free form spiky pattern.
Some of the intersections where no seams meet are a bit puffy, so I’ll have to add some in-the-ditch-quilting to make it flat(ter). I tried some free motion circles (read blobs) with little success; blobs are in fact worse than puffs.

I’m heading out for lunch with a couple of old friends now, so I’ll have to worry about this later. Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Thist quilting I like. Easy but kreativ.

  2. I like your spikes. No marking...just my style.

  3. I like that you say, "I will have to worry about this later after lunch with friends!" Good idea!