Thursday, 28 October 2010

Make An Appliqué pattern

I don’t know if you make your own appliqué patterns all the time, but I'm drawing little sketches and illustrations everywhere and onto everything. Often I throw them away when I’m done with them, and have to recreate them from quilts or even worse, old photos.

Inspired by the Napkin Challenge I thought I would show you the very simple technique I use to transfer my sketches and old appliquéd motifs into appliqué patterns. The technique works also well for mirror imaging patterns. I have used a napkin for this tutorial but be careful about copyrights though.

You’ll find the tutorial here.

I’ve been having a lot of company lately, from 7am to 8pm most days, and although I’m determined that this is OK it’s kind of difficult to be creative with this guy 1m from the house. They accidentally broke our water pipe and had to dig all the way to the wall.Oh, it’s a blast; thank goodness I have a iPod that can drown out some of the noise.-)


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. It's going to come in handy when I start the applique for my Christmas quilt. Good luck with the construction.

  2. I would have a VERy hard time working or doing anything that monster next door!! wow!

  3. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I have an applique project in mind for my dining room...probably after Christmas.

  4. Great tutorial. Sorry for the noise. Amazing how noise can be so distracting. Hopefully they'll be done soon!