Saturday, 9 October 2010

Whiff of the 80ies

I had to dig into my collection of 80ies fabrics for some of the yarn kits. Loving the look of small scale flower patterns as a backdrop for the yarn flowers, I have been searching high and low for them. With no such luck (and don’t you tell me you know some place who sells them for a dollar a yard including shipping and handling; it’s too late now), I slashed into my precious, now ironed, fabric.
Do you think these will ever get back in style; I kind of hope so, they look great with bold, modern, colourful fabric. And yarn.


  1. Yep... 1980s floral prints are back in a big way this Australian summer. You must come here for a holiday!

  2. i love those little floral prints. i sure hope they return to popularity.

    have fun...