Friday, 10 December 2010

Napkin Challenge Giveaway winner

Greetings from the couch! It’s Friday evening here and the rain is doing its best to melt all the pretty snow away. I sure hope it finishes what it started or it will be icy icy icy here tomorrow. We always seem to get a few of those days in the winter when the hospital runs out of plaster and the children’s ward is packed with little concussion patients (touch wood!).

Anyway, it’s time to draw the winner of my Napkin Challenge project “Nisse’s got a girlfriend”, so has done its magic and congratulations to Carol who is the lucky winner of the little gnomes. I have truly enjoyed seeing the finished projects; everyone has been inspired by their napkins in different ways. Be sure to check out Carol’s and the other wonderful projects here.

Have a lovely weekend; I’ll spend mine not worrying about being way behind on my Christmas preparations. Somehow I’m confident it will be Christmas anyway, even without Christmas lights on our now non-existent front yard tree that had to go the other day to make room for one of the parking spaces we’ve lost to the road work. It used to be right outside our living room window so I have watched the seasons change from pretty flowers (2 different kinds actually; pruned, not a freakish accident by nature) in the spring and to the naked branches (and aforementioned Christmas lights) in the winter. Oh well, who needs lights when they’ve got such a pretty hanger outside...


  1. Thanks for the gift. I am so excited.

  2. Congratulations to Carol - the projects were all terrific. Thanks again for hosting! Merry Christmas!

  3. Congratulations to Carol! - Christmas will come whether we are prepared or not, and I believe what some wise woman said: you only need to clean your cupboards for Christmas if you intend to celebrate inside them.

  4. I enjoyed seeing the napkin challenge pieces. Such inventive people. The view out your front window doesn't seem to be hurting your Merry Christmas spirit. You are will come if we are ready or not.