Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Merger completed

The merger between my scrappy string blocks and the 30ies prints is now completed, and I’ve got to say the blocks do not look bad at all.

It’s time to un-attach the Intuition top from my design wall (sheet) and get these babies up on the wall. Playtime!


  1. Enjoy the playtime! Those blocks have endless possibilities for lay-outs!

  2. Cliff hanger? I want to see the design wall NOW.

  3. This is always my favorite part of quilting... the designing. I put them up randomly - trying to keep same fabrics away from each other. I leave it on the wall for a few days sometimes... just to see if I like it. Sometimes I get my hobby to come in and give it a once over... see if he spots any rule breakage. Then I sew blocks together in rows and rows together... and usually this is where I run out of steam (or find another more exciting project to start), so now I've got another UFO!

    I can't wait to see your blocks together.

    Made 8 more boobs yesterday. It's a fun little project - ongoing - that takes the place of that afore mentioned exciting project. Who knows the boobs might keep me on the straight and narrow and keep me going on the quilt at hand.

  4. I've often thought I could use several design walls throughout my home. Wouldn't that be nice! I could leave up everything I'm working on and not have to keep moving them around. Looking forward to seeing these blocks put together with your creative energy.