Thursday, 10 March 2011

Little school house

I participated in a house block lottery hosted by Beth of LoveLaughQuilt a while ago, and as a thank you for participating she sent us all a little school house block, challenging us to use it in a project.

Yesterday I went through my inherited 80ies stash for suitable fabrics and found these three. I have no idea what to make, but at least I know what to make it with.

The 80ies fabrics are growing on me, but I still have a hard time mixing the muted brownish tones with my usual bright palette. It might be a good exercise in streeeeetching my comfort zone.


  1. I hate that stretching part. Why do we always resist when it would be so simple just to do it. xox Corrine

  2. I'm sure you'll create something lovely!

  3. I know what you mean about the browner colors... I never even had any browns until just recently when I made a quilt for my #1 son in law... (He's my favorite son in law, but then he is my only SIL also!) Anyway without knowing his favorite color I decided that light blue and darker browns would be the most part. I made birds for the center to represent his 4 kids and his beautiful wife (some from the Backyard Birds book and some from 365 paper pieced patterns book) and around the outside were all flying geese, to represent him. (He travels alot for work, so he is away from his family alot.) The geese were brown and the sky and background a lovely blue with tiny swirls. He loves it. So now I buy browns when I find one I like, or one that has a "bird" textural look... but I still haven't made anything with them. Once in a while the browns come in handy for some portion of my paper pieced pattern... I really detest the nearly all brown quilts that some make. It's those that believe that browns are earth colors... Look around people. The earth is covered in green grass and trees, flowers of every color and a blue sky. Even the dirt (earth) is different colors. Here we have a light burnt orange dirt. Brown is just not it!

  4. Oh yeah, 80's fabric, that is a challenge indeed!