Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Finish It! Week 4

The Finish It! project aka nephew's confirmation quilt is quilted. With the walking foot firmly attached, the stitch length cranked up to 4,5mm and my favourite green variegated Sulky Gütermann thread in the needle, the curved lines were done in just a couple of hours. Sure, there are some non confirming stitching lines in there to unpick, but all in all it’s ready for the finishing touches.

Some of you asked how I do the fleece no binding finishing and I’ll take a few shots and do a little tutorial as I’m working my way through this one to show you.

The last few days have been somewhat slow as I have been sporting something not too pleasant in the old windpipe. Husband has been away on a business trip so I didn’t even realize my voice was pretty much gone until I tried talking on the phone the other night. I’m sure he’ll regret going away; it’s not every day I’m this quiet...


  1. AWWWW, I am sure he would miss the sound of your voice. Great quilt for your nephew....xox Corrine PS fell better soon!

  2. Lol. I doubt that but hope you feel better soon. Lovely quilt with dreamy colors.

  3. That does it....I've got to go buy a walking foot for my machine so I can try quilting my own quilts....very small quilts!

    Your nephew will love this quilt.