Thursday, 1 September 2011

Make a Smile Rock

You can read about my Make a Smile project here.

What you’ll need
Rocks, washed and dried. Any size and shape resembling a face will work.
Paint and paint brush. I have used water based craft paint.

Varnish. I have used a water resistant smelly one. Permanent marker

And what you’ll do
Paint the rocks.

I painted around the edges first, then painted the top and left the bottom unpainted. Let the paint dry and add more layers if you like. Depending on the colour, my rocks have 1-3 layers of paint.

Let the rocks dry properly

Apply varnish. Getting quite fuzzy-minded after the first batch, I brought everything outside for the next batches. Placing the rocks in an empty plastic cookie container worked very well to avoid getting varnish on our steps.

Leave to dry

Draw a smile using a permanent marker.Done!

Make one, make a whole smiling army, make your friends and family smile.
Lesson learned on the way
If you’re using a solvent based varnish like I did, do NOT draw the face on before adding the varnish or your smiles will look like these as the solvent will make the ink run.

How I wish the lady at the craft shop would have told me that when I bought the supplies...

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