Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Make a Boob cushion

No self respecting quilter would do a series of workshops, setting up all kinds of treasures and keep the needles in an ugly plastic container. At least that was what I was thinking at my last workshop and then again yesterday morning when I was sorting to the Make a Boob paraphernalia preparing for upcoming workshops. Fuelled by embarrassment I went down to my studio and half an hour of playtime later a brand new Boob pin cushion was ready to use.
The background is an orange hand dyed/painted fabric covered with scraps of yarn and ribbons and a layer of tulle. I added two layers of batting to the back and quilted it so it would keep the disc-like shape when stuffed and not turn into a badly shaped ball. I cut scraps of cotton batting approx ½” wide to use as stuffing which worked great giving the cushion the perfect body and weight (magic stuffing indeed, much unlike chocolate...).
Now my workshop needles will have a pretty place to rest and be visible among all the other stuff. I think I might make more of these; I do love playtime you know.


  1. Time for a boob shop! These are cute. xox Corrine

  2. That is an adorable boob!!!

  3. Your boob pin cushion is lovely, and so apt for your workshop x